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Pedalling Gear

Firstly i apologise for the lack of updates over the last month but the shop has and still is just crazy busy. Im taking a little time now to let everyone know whats happening over the next month. Firstly Pedalling Gear has it’s 1st Birthday on the 1st of May so we are aiming to do a Birthday ride on Sunday the 4th of May and the route and time will be released shortly to anyone who wants to tag along.

With our Customer base growing day by day and our love of all 2 wheeled objects we like to bring things of interest to the shop for you all to feast your eyes on. At this point i can not reveal all but lets say there is a big hit of Italian approaching to join the ranks but what i can tell you is our 2 latest brands have landed in store, Ritte, Suplest and Crono. Ritte are a young American brand formed in 2008 with a heavy Belgium influence and produce some beautiful frames for those of us who like something s little different and funky. Ritte falls perfectly in place with Supacaz bar tape and Donkey Label clothing bringing something a little more meaningful and personal to the world of cycling.

Next up is Swiss brand Suplest and Italian brand Crono both of whom make sexy foot wear. Crono have been making their shoes for over 40 years now with a massive history and their top end model the Futura is a stunningly tidy shoe with typical Italian style. Suplest are a Swiss brand who like Crono produce some very elegant footwear and also like Crono will not be widely recognized in the UK but expect that to change over the next year as proper distribution of these brands will bring them to the front of the cycling market.

Both shoes offer great quality and comfort for different foot types be it narrow or wide and allow you to stand out in the crowd showing you have actually thought about your purchase and not just followed the masses. We continue with our other brands and again will be a FFWD wheels test centre with both F2A and F4R wheels to demo. The F2A is a new aluminium wheel starting the range off and offering all year round performance and reliability for those who do not wish to go carbon just yet. The F4r also gets a little update with the DARC profile this year which has worked so well on the F6R over the last 12 months.

For more information on any of the above the hush hush stuff still to be announced just give us a call or drop in to the shop. We will also be updating the website shortly due to demand to offer information on servicing and Retul bike fitting which generally runs 2 weeks in advance. Lastly keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages, Instagram and Flickr for builds and shiny kit updates and new shop kit is due to land in just over a week but expected to disappear as quickly as it arrived based on pre-orders but images will follow.

Thanks for reading.


Well it’s March already and i havent had 2 minutes to spend on here which is nice for this point of the year, the weather has been wet end of and frustrating for lot’s of us but it finally looks as though its drying up a little and we are all getting out and riding. With a few tours already over we start this weekend with the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad to open the Belgium cycling season with a win by our one and only Ian Stannard and then Tom Boonen takes victory at the Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne which is the second of the weekends opening races.

You may feel a one day race for a pro isn’t much at all but they are tough days in the saddle mixed with the weather conditions we are used to its no fun hitting the cobbles and climbs in slippery wet conditions with a field of equally eager maniacs all looking for their stamp in the history books. Next weekend sees the Strade Bianchi and the Paris-Nice and it’s race race race all the way to October then we can creep back into the garage dust off the turbo trainer and think about the following season and what it will bring.

The current growth of cycling in the UK is great and worldwide aswell, this can be seen by the amount of races and events getting good media coverage which as little as 3 years ago just didn’t happen, cycling is here big time and it’s here to stay. Something which has been nice this year is the amount of customers picking up proper winter clothing and getting out there in the dark and wet conditions rather than hitting the garage for an hour on the trainer. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the turbo sessions but i don’t think you can beat real mileage in ever changing conditions for true cycling fitness but either way there are more of us doing it and for longer and with the Tour kicking off in the UK this year i think it will be an amazing year for cycling again.

The last few months have been bike fit crazy as people gear up for the new purchase or next big upgrade and some lovely bikes have sold since Christmas and some even lovelier ones are to come. There is a big demand for slightly more custom builds currently than just picking from the catalogue and because of this we at PG towers have secured a few new brands to keep this interest alight in a very nice way, we can not say much at this point but be prepared for some very bright and very beautifully built frames and bikes to make an appearance over the next few months.

Shop kit is in production as i type due to demand we have run with 2 colour ways this season which will be with us in April but no sneak peaks until then i’m afraid but let’s say you wont miss it on the road. Through the better months we will run a few different events  from ride outs to in house evenings show casing some new kit and a few talks from various people on everything from Pilates to Nutrition to help those of you who attend to get a better understanding of what you should be doing and when to keep in tip top cycling form.

So until the next time which hopefully will only be a week away rack up some quality miles and enjoy.

In 1992 Focus bikes was founded by Mike Kluge the then 3 x World cyclo-x champion, in 1994 the first product line is launched consisting of 6 bikes. Jump forward to 2006 and numerous German National and World Championship cyclo-x titles later and the first carbon Focus frames are produced, from this point on Focus grows its range and works with such teams as Team Milram, Team Katusha, AG2R and Rapha Focus (cyclo-X) amongst others and picks up medals in most disciplines including individual time trial, xc Mtb and of course cyclo-x.

Focus offer an amazing range of bicycles with some amazing value for money aswell, below you’ll see some our current stock but please call us for more information.

Izalco Max 1.0 £5799 – For 2014 the Izalco gets team treatment with the new MAX frame offering a super light frame and fork with Dura-ace Di2 groupset and Fizik finishing kit.

Izalco Team SL3 £3099 – Dura-ace mechanical, Fizik finishing kit, Fulcrum wheels and Schwalbe one tyres, race ready super bike.

Mares CX2 £3199 – Cyclo cross at pro level the CX2 offers the same frame as the pro missile CX1 with an Ultegra Di2 groupset and Shimano’s R785 hydraulic disc brakes for an amazing package.

Culebro SL2 105 £899.99 – Shimano 105 spec, Carbon fork, 10 speed compact double.

Cayo Evo 4 105 £1400.00 – Shimano 105 spec, Full carbon frame and fork, Compact double (also available as a triple).

Cayo Evo 3 Ultegra £1599.00 – Shimano Ultegra spec,Concept EX brakes, Fulcrum wheels, available as a compact or Race.

Izalco Team SL1 Dura ace Di2 £4399.00 – Di2 electronic groupset, Rotor chainset, Fizik bars and saddle and Fulcrum wheels.

Izalco Donna Ergoride 3.0 Tiagra £1299.00 – Ladies carbon frame and forks with Shimano Tiagra spec components and compact gearing.

Izalco Ergoride 3 £1549 – The carbon Ergoride offers super comfy sportive geometry but with plenty of performance to boot, Shimano 105 groupset and Fulcrum wheels.

Izalco Ergoride 2 £1999 – Focus slip a little AG2R team colouring in here with an Ultegra 11 speed groupset, Fulcrum wheels and Schwalbe tyres making all day rides a pleasure.

Mares AX3 Disc 105 £1199.99 – Aluminium cyclo-x frame with carbon fork, Shimano 105 spec and mechanical disc brakes. Winter commuter or weekend race machine.


Izalco Team SL4.0 SRAM Force 22 £2499.99 - The Izalco Team SL full carbon frame and fork offers race geometry as used by AG2R mixed with new 11 speed SRAM force groupset and Fizik finishing kit making it another most wanted Focus.

Izalco Team Sl 2.0 Sram Red £3499 – The Izalco Team SL full carbon frame and fork offers race geometry and performance with SRAM’s lightest groupset at a keen price.


Bikes due in shortly-


Izalco Max 3


Chrono 2 and 3


If you’re looking for a specific model please call for availability and remember all bikes over £2000 receive a Retul bike fit within the cost. Bikes below this get a reduced rate please call for more info.

Cervélo Cycles was created in 1995 when two engineers, Phil White and Gérard Vroomen, decided to market their work developing faster time trial bikes. Having been involved in bicycle and human-powered vehicle design since 1986, they started a bike design from scratch when a top-ranked Italian pro cyclist approached Gérard to design the fastest possible time trial bike for him. The team evaluated the bikes on the market, and set a design goal for the bike that was difficult and uncompromising. They wanted something that was unbeatable in aerodynamics yet sacrificed nothing in weight or stiffness. The result was a pretty radical bike that pushed the rules in almost every area. It tested extremely well for aerodynamics, as well as handling, stiffness and comfort.

Since 1995 Cervelo has grown a reputation for some of the best bikes in the world especially in the Triathlon and TT market and with this years range of complete bikes the value is unbeatable.

For 2014 all Cervelo’s bikes come with fairly standard wheel sets due to each customers preference for wheels at this level of cycling so please call for more info.

Cervelo R3 Ultegra £3099 – Cervelo’s all new R3 for 2014 is stiffer, more aero efficient and now has future proof cable runs allowing either mechanical or electric group sets to be fitted leaving the look of the bike very tidy indeed.

Cervelo R3 Ultegra Di2 £4199 – The all new frame as mentioned above with Shimano’s cable killing Ultegra Di2 groupset making an unbeatable package.

Cervelo (NEW) S2 105 £2399 – Cervelo have re-vamped the S2 with the new S3 frame FK40 fork and 105 groupset.

Cervelo S5 Team Le Dura ace Di2 £5599 (1 x 56cm left otherwise sold out for the year) – The S5 is one of the fastest road bikes around with true aero heritage and a great component spec straight out of the box.

Cervelo S5 Ultegra Di2 £4599.00 – The standard S5 is no slouch by any means mixed with an Ultegra Di2 groupset Rotor chainset and Mavic wheels this  makes it class leader in the road aero market.

Cervelo P5 Six Dura Ace £5599.00 – The P5 is the pinnacle of years leading the aero market and searching for the ultimate wind cheater, the 2014 P5 brings everything expected to the table to make it the fastest bike out there even down to the skin surface of each aero zone being tuned for ultimate efficiency.

Cervelo P3 Ultegra £3299 – The P3 offers drop down tech from the P5 and comes in 3 models including Dura ace and Ultegra Di2. (please note Ultegra Di2 model shown) Ultegra model comes with 3T accelero wheel set.

Cervelo P2 105 £1999.00 – Probably the most popular Triathlon bike on the market the P2 offers performance that would destroy most bikes twice its price.

Cervelo R5 Sram Red £5299.00 – The 2014 R5 offers an aero advantage over it’s predecessor due to the new Squoval 3 tubing taken from the RCA, a stiffer bottom bracket for acceleration and climbing plus a stiffer headtube for perfect handling feedback and still as comfortable as ever.

Cervelo R5 Dura ace £5199 – As described above but with mechanical Dura ace groupset.

Cervelo R5 Dura ace Di2 £6799 – The 2014 R5 D12 model is a very desirable peace of kit from it’s amazing frame design and performance to its smooth effortless electronic gearing.

Cervelo S3 Ultegra £3299 – The all new S3 is set to be a big bike for Cervelo this year with it’s S5 aero efficiency and R5 comfort it’s no wonder David Millar is riding one this season.

Bikes Due Shortly


All New P2 105 , R5 Dura ace Di2, S5 Ultegra, S3 Ultegra Di2


Please call for availability on all models.

If you follow the ever growing sport of Cyclo-cross you may be aware the infamous Jeremy Powers of Rapha Focus fame won the national championships aboard a stealthy black new bike and now Focus are ready to spill the beans. Focus was founded by a cyclo-cross world champion Mike Kluge during the end of his pro career and over time has drifted slightly from it’s CX roots but with the domination of team Rapha Focus in North America over recent news and hitting the headlines world wide Focus are back in the driving seat.

The bike pictured is the  model used by sponsored pro Team members and final colour and spec’s are yet to be announced but availability is expected for June 2014. The bike has followed the path of the Izalco Max with the development team concentrating on a perfect mix of weight/stiffness and handling. This has lead to a taller headtube (15mm) meaning less spacers are needed for most allowing a stiffer more positive front end, the bottom bracket drop has been raised by 5mm allowing better cornering clearance in off road situations cutting out the chance of pedal strike on uneven ground and maintaing speed.

The new Mares is the first CX bike to run a chain guide like a mountain bike, on rough terrain with a weaker sprung road rear mech this helps keep the chain where it should be and not dangling down into the mud whilst your cadence goes through the roof. The fitment is the standard ISCG-05 that’s used in the MTB world to allow use of all aftermarket manufacturers products.

The Frame will be offered in a canti and disc brake version with the disc brake version running thru axles instead of quick releases. The reason for this is increased stiffness and rider feedback, it also keeps disc brakes aligned better so cutting down on noise due to wheel flex and so on. The system used is and will be the fastest thru axle system on the market allowing the axle to slide straight in a quick small rotation locates the axle in place then you flip the lever and your done, quicker to do than to explain.

The frame is also cable and electric ready all tucked away internally keeping it muck free, the top tube is flatter allowing more comfort on shouldering if you need to get off and walk ( i should say run but thats for the pro’s) full carbon head bearing seats for weight reasons, tapered steerer tube for stiffness and handling, full carbon drop outs and a press fit 30 Bottom bracket which is much the do now a days. Now the most important bit the weight, a 56cm canti brake version painted is 895g and the disc model 922g which for a cyclocross bike is heavenly anyway. As soon as full launch specs and prices etc are available ill list them immediately but only after ordering mine, anyone in the market for a current 2014 Team Rapha CX-1 in a slightly used but well loved condition let me know.